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The Offseason Is About to Begin!

When the Hotstove heating up and the GM's naming their desirables, it is time for the offseason. On this site, you can come and check out the latest rumors from around the league. Upcoming Dates:

Friday November 10th 5:00 p.m. ET: Akinori Iwamura
Teams to Watch: Indians, Phillies, Angels, Dodgers: Teams looking to get Aramis Ramirez may bid for negotiating rights to be safe. Although the Indians are not in the running to get Ramirez, they are looking to make a cheap splash.
My Guess: Indians

Friday November 10th: Daisuke Matsuzaka
Teams to Watch: Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, Rangers, Indians: The only teams people know that may have made bids. The bids are expected to top 25 million. However, recent reports suggest that teams may have bid low near 15 million. Could this mean that the Seibu Lions would not accept any offer?
My Guess: Red Sox

Saturday November 11th: Aramis Ramirez
This is the last day the Cubs have to negotiate with him and Hendry is said to have made a "take it-or leave it" deal estimated to be around 5 years 70 million. A three million dollar upgrade annually from his original contract. At first, why would he not opt out and test the waters. But because he has said he wants to stay with the Cubs, makes many think he will accept a deal.
My Guess: Cubs, 5 years 73 million

Sunday November 12th: Offseason
Now the offseason can truly begin. Teams can negotiate with whoever they so please. Expect to see names like Miguel Tejada, Alex Rodriguez, and yes Manny Ramirez come up as possible trades. Other names: Vernon Wells, Dontrelle Willis, and Gary Sheffield. My guess, the first big name player to be traded:
Gary Sheffield

Top Suitors:

My Guess: Cubs
Actual: Tigers