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Padres Chatter

The Padres are expected to make a serious run at J.D. Drew. They plan to offer a deal that is expected to be around 3-4 years, 11-12 million annually. However, it appears he will have many suitors. Rumors out of L.A. have suggested the Cubs have already made an offer, and the Red Sox have interest in bringing him to Boston. According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox might use Manny Ramirez in a trade to acquire Jake Peavy. Now the Red Sox would also have to give cash and the Padres would have to fork over some prospects. Other teams that are interested in Peavy are the Mets. The Mets could offer Heilman and Milledge and another young pitcher. The odds are better for the Mets, because money would not be a big issue.

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