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Pirates Hope to Sign Cuban Defector

Yuslan Herrera, 6-foot-2, 200 pound pitcher who led Cuba to a Gold Medal in Athens. "He's pitched in the Cuba equivalent of the major leagues -- right now, he would be an upper-level pitcher in the minor leagues and probably not too far away from the major leagues." But can this guy dominate for the Pirates? Oliver Perez, who people thought was going to be an All-Star, never made it big. Was 3-13 this year with an ERA of 6.63. Although this pitcher is accuarate and can throw in the low-nineties with an above-average curveball, slider, changeup, and a split-fingered fastball. If he does come to the Pirates, I see him getting 9 to 11 wins, with 5 to 7 losses. 10-6 record is not that bad, especially for the Pirates.

My Guess: Pirates

Source: CNN Sports