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Ted Lilly, Julio Lugo, and more...

According to the Toronto Sun, Ted Lilly is seeking a four year, 9 million dollar deal. The Cubs have the money to spend, but will focus in on Soriano before anything. And if Lilly really is too much for the Cubs, I'm sure they could settle on making a trade or signing a different pitcher. There have been reports the Cubs are interested in Cliff Lee or Jake Westbrook. Lilly has been rumored to wanting to go to the West Coast, however, it is uncertain if any teams are interested. Julio Lugo is asking for a four year, 32 million dollar deal and the Blue Jays were intially interested but may be backing away. He played well in the AL East and may be happy to return there. He struggled a little bit for LA which makes it a surprise he would ask for that much. Well, the off-season is low on a little bit of everything this year so the prices will of course be high. Tony Graffanino has received an offer from the Brewers. No one is sure the exact price but both sides have expressed interest in a return. The Padres appear to be seriously considering making a push for J.D. Drew. They will have to join the list though, it appears plenty of other teams are going to do the same.

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