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Top 50 Free Agents: 1-10

1. Alfonso Soriano-Nationals
Alfonso Soriano is a well rounded players who can play all the outfield and second base. Although he does not make great contact, he makes enough where it could help many team. He would thrive in certain places, especially if he stays in the NL East. He will be familiar with the pitching and will still be able to play in D.C. where he dominated.

My Guess: Phillies
Actual: Cubs

2. Aramis Ramirez-Cubs
Aramis Ramirez could be at the pinnacle of his career. He set a career high of homeruns with 38, and he is not the worst fielder. Most teams are looking for a 3B, who is young, and can do it all. Ramirez is that guy. The Cubs are his first choice and he said he would take a hometown discount, but why would he opt out if he did not intend to test the market?

My Guess: Dodgers
Actual: Cubs

3. Barry Zito-Athletics
Barry Zito is going to cash in this offseason and it will either be on the West Coast or New York. I think the New York teams are going to be more willing to give up money for his services. I see him going there because Minaya will agressively go after him after coming so close to the World Series. However, if the Yankees lose out on Matsuzaka, expect them to pursue him.

My Guess: Mets

4. Daisuke Matsuzaka-Seibu Lions
Daisuke Matsuzaka is probaly the most sought after player by teams that have enough money to throw at the Lions. He has got a pitch that no one has seen and I think scouts will take his style and pitches, and incorporate it into their stadium. How would he do at Yankee Stadium? Fenway Park? I see him drawing a lot of interest and with Boras as his agent, he will for sure make close to 15 million.

My Guess: Red Sox
Actual: Red Sox

5. Jason Schmidt-Giants
Jason Schmidt is still young and can get a 4-5 year deal. He has great stuff and can dominate wherever he goes. He says he will either stay out West or New York. Since the Mariners bowed out on
Daisuke Matsuzaka, they will make sure they get a marquee player. Jason Schmidt is their guy.

My Guess: Mariners
Actual: Dodgers

6. Carlos Lee-Rangers
Carlos Lee has been speculated to go to the Astros because his ranch is so close to it. However, he has said since he was traded to the Brewers that he wants to play for the Cubs because of his numbers there and so he can show up the Sox. Although he is a bad fielder, he has a great bat and could spark up this Cubs lineup. They will for sure get him if they lose Aramis Ramirez.

My Guess: Cubs
Actual: Astros

7. Gary Mathews Jr.-Rangers
He is a great fielder and proved it this season. I think he has equal talent to Juan Pierre and he will be cheaper. I see teams avoiding Juan Pierre and pursue this guy. Expect the Cubs, White Sox, Dodgers, Braves, and many other teams to pursue him. I see the Cubs going after him and if he is not interested going after Roberts. I think Mathews Jr. will be eager to come back to Chicago, even if his dad is not there.

My Guess: Cubs
Actual: Angels

8. Tom Glavine-Mets
Tom Glavine proved this season that he still has the stuff to lead a rotation deep into the playoffs. I am sure he is well aware of the Mets offseason plans, but I think he is interested in returning to his former team, the Braves. He has opted out and other teams can talk with him tomorrow.

My Guess: Braves
Actual: Mets

9. Roger Clemens-Astros
If the Red Sox win
Daisuke Matsuzaka sweepstakes, expect the Red Sox to not pursue Clemens. I see Clemens either going to the Red Sox, or retiring. I do not think he will stay with the Astros because they show no signs of improving, especially if they do not sign Carlos Lee. I see him calling it quits, before his record starts to turn into a losing one. And because he held out so long last year, I see him hanging it up.

My Guess: Retire

10. J.D. Drew-Dodgers
Drew opted out of his contract and will become a free agent. He will be very sought after by a lot of teams in need of Outfielders. The Red Sox, Rangers, Cubs, Phillies, and Nationals are teams that have already shown interest. I see the Red Sox signing him to take Nixon's spot. The Red Sox want to win, and they especially want to show up the Yankees, again.

My Guess: Red Sox
Actual: Red Sox