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Top 50 Free Agents: 11-20

11. Barry Bonds-Giants
I think that Barry Bonds will get what he wants because of how much he got on base. He got on base 46% of the time and he can still hit. I think plenty of teams will pursue him as a DH, but I see the Giants keeping him to play LF. He is a great player that will boost any lineup and will score plenty of runs.

My Guess: Giants

Actual: Giants

12. Akinori Iwamura-Yakult Swallows
He played very well in Japan and in the WBC. I do not doubt that he will come to the MLB and play very well. I see atleast 20 homeruns and 80 RBI's. He showed he can hit MLB pitchers in the WBC and showcased his fielding skills. I see teams pursuing Aramis Ramirez to also post on this guy. He is a great fall back player to land if you lose out on Ramirez. I do not see the Cubs posting on this guy because they asume they will land Aramis. It would have been safe to do it though.

My Guess: Indians
Actual: Devil Rays

13. Greg Maddux-Dodgers
Greg Maddux will stay with the Dodgers for the reason that he wants to be near his family. He pitched great for them and had an excellent team backing him up. He will sign a one year deal and he will get you atleast 10 wins.

My Guess: Dodgers
Actual: Padres

14. Frank Thomas-Athletics
Frank Thomas proved that he can play a full season and return to the player he was in his prime with the Sox. He almost got 40 homeruns and help lead the A's into the playoffs. Beane will not this veteran slip away because he will produce runs and is a great person to have in the clubhouse. Beane will give him 1-2 year deal. Probaly a one year deal with a player option.

My Guess: Athletics
Actual: Blue Jays

15. Vicente Padilla-Rangers
Padilla would be a big addition to any club. I see the Cubs going after him to land a number 2-3 starter. But, the Mets, who might lose Glavine, will likely want to add a proven free agent. However, if they land Zito, they will bow out on him. The Rangers want to keep him, and losing out on Matsuzaka will probaly force them to fork over the cash. He is young and has proven he can beat anyone. He went 15-10 with 4.50 ERA.

My Guess: Rangers
Actual: Rangers

16. Mike Mussina-Yankees
Mike Mussina had a decent 2006, and should be effective in 2007. I'm sure he will draw some interest but I think he wants to stay and finish his career in New York.

My Guess: Yankees
Actual: Yankees

17. Julio Lugo-Dodgers
The Red Sox have no one at short, and Lugo would be a good improvement. He can field and hitting, he will be a great number 2 hitter, possibly lead-off. However, he has shown interest in Toronto and they need a SS.

My Guess: Blue Jays
Actual: Red Sox

18. Moises Alou- Giants
Because his knees are failing on him, he will probaly make the shift to the AL. He will platoon from OF to DH or full time DH. He still can hit so he would be a great pick up for any team in need of a DH. Kevin Millar is a free agent so the Orioles will probaly look into Alou, and thats about the only team looking for a DH/OF.

My Guess: Orioles
Actual: Mets

19. Jose Guillen-Angels
Only a few teams are in need of a RF and the Pirates are one. Remember, they tried to land him a couple years back but the Angels got him. If Nady plays first, the Bucs will definetely go after him so they could bolster up that lineup, because they need it.

My Guess: Pirates
Actual: Mariners

20. Ray Durham-Giants
Durham had a great year, and if I were the Giants I would resign him and see if his great play keeps up. If it return to the way he was in 2005, trade him and try out Kevin Frandsen, one of their prospects. However, I think Durham is good for atleast two more years and by then, Frandsen will be more than ready to fill that role.

My Guess: Giants
Actual: Giants