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Top 50 Free Agents: 21-30

21. Jim Edmonds-Cardinals
Edmonds, who resigned with the Cardinals is still a great player. He can still hit, and field. He has won 9 gold gloves and it would no surprise if he won again. He just won a World Series and I think he wants to stay so he can try and repeat.

My Guess: Cardinals
Actual: Cardinals

22. Juan Pierre-Cubs
Pierre sprung to life in June and showed what kind of player he could be. He collected just over 200 hits, and hit .292. The reason he is so low is because of the fact that there are more than three centerfielders out there who put up similar numbers and will be cheaper. Mathews Jr., Roberts, to name a few. He will be a fall back player if a team cannot land one of these guys. He is asking to much money which makes me think he will be signed late, January possible late January. I expect teams like the Dodgers, Marlins, and maybe the Red Sox going after him.

My Guess: Dodgers
Actual: Dodgers

23. Jeff Suppan-Cardinals
Suppan proved how clutch he was in the playoffs which will probaly draw some interest from a mediocore team. The Orioles, who will not be able to draw Schmidt or Zito, will probaly have to settle for someone of his caliber. Other teams include possibly the Yankees, in need of pitching, or the Astros, who will probaly lose both Clemens and Pettitte. I see the Yankees going after him the hardest, since they lost out on Matsuzaka and the Mets are already ahead of them with Zito.

My Guess: Yankeess

24. Nomar Garciaparra-Dodgers
Nomar proved he can play just about anywhere. However, injuries could affect him if he decides to play a versatile position. He played 1B, and had three injuries. I think a team like the Padres could go after him to play second base, or maybe even the Yankees so he could play first and Giambi DH. The Angels may also have interest since Erstad is a free agent. I think Ned Coletti will be able to keep him from signing anywhere and if the Dodgers can not lure anyone out there, they will use him in more than one position. The Cubs might also be in the mix since they lost Aramis Ramirez.

My Guess: Dodgers
Actual: Dodgers

25. Gil Meche-Mariners
Meche is a second option for most teams and I think he will get some attention late. After the big names are sign, teams looking to fill out their rotation will go after him. If the Cardinals lose both Suppan and Weaver, I see them going after a guy like this. And with Lilly leaving the Blue Jays, it is possible he could go there. I see him being more interested in a place like St. Louis for the reason he could win there and he has not ever been on a winning team. However, if the Cubs focus on hitting, Meche might be a guy to land in case the pitching they hoped for is gone, or no longer interested.

My Guess: Cubs
Actual: Royals

26. Adam Kennedy-Angels
Kennedy will leave the Angels because Kendrick is ready and will likely be snagged quickly. The Cubs, Cardinals, Padres, and atleast three more have shown interest. I see him being sought after by the Cards or Padres. The Padres need a fall back player since the lost Barfield, and he would be a great addition. The Cardinals like good defensive players and Kennedy is perfect, however, I see the Padres snagging this guy up and I'm sure Kennedy would not mind staying in California.

My Guess: Padres
Actual: Cardinals

27. Luis Gonzalez-Diamondbacks
Gonzo is going to be a free agent for the first time since joining the Dbacks. He will be sough after because of his great ability to make contact. The Indians are looking for a veteran hitter who can either play a corner outfield position or first base. Other teams that have expressed an interest in Gonzalez are the Cardinals, Baltimore, Texas, Cincinnati and San Francisco. I see him staying in the National League and joining the Cardinals because they have a vacant spot in the outfield and want to secure the hitting up so they can pursue pitching.

My Guess: Cardinals
Actual: Dodgers

28. Jeff Weaver-Cardinals
Jeff Weaver got released by the Angels and was quickly picked up by the Cardinals. The Cards embraced him and he gained a lot of confidence because he pitched so well. I think he wants to stay where he is comfortable and wants to try and repeat with a team and city he loves.

My Guess: Cardinals

29. Ted Lilly-Blue Jays
After the alteraction with his manager, I do not see him staying there. He has expressed interest in joining the Giants or the A's and the Giants have also shown interest. It would not surprise me at all if that's where he goes. The A's are not interested and the Giants do not have a secure rotation.

My Guess: Giants
Actual: Cubs

30. Kei Igawa-Hanshin Tigers
Igawa is probaly the top pitcher be hind Matsuzaka. He went 14-9 and racks up the K's. Many teams have already expressed interest, but since the Cubs need pitching, and showed interest in him before he was even posted, I see him going there. The Cubs need pitching and by not seriously going after Matsuzaka (no surprise) means they will make sure they lock this guy up.

My Guess: Cubs
Actual: Yankees