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Top 50 Free Agents: 31-40

31. Andy Pettitte-Astros
The Astros will make some effort but will probably let him go. He is leaning toward retirement and with nagging elbow problems, I do not think teams will bother. I would rather test an unproven rookie then spend 6 million to see if his elbow will stay on for another year. I think he sees that too.

My Guess: Retire
Actuals: Yankees

32. David Dellucci-Phillies
Dellucci is a good player who proved it for the Phillies this year. Teams like the Cardinals, Orioles, Nationals Rangers, and Padres may be looking for someone like Dellucci to come in and fill the void. Since the Rangers will probably lose DeRosa, Mathews Jr., and Lee, he might return to the Rangers and play one of the outfield positions. The Nationals, who will lose Soriano, may look for a cheap addition like him to play left. He did play there this year so he would be familiar with the outfield.

My Guess: Rangers
Actual: Indians

33. Dave Roberts-Dodgers
-Roberts has battled injuries recently but is still a good player. He could help teams that miss out on premier players like Pierre or Gary Mathews Jr. I see the Brewers, who have no one good in center, and could use a leadoff hitter ahead of Weeks.

My Guess: Brewers
Actual: Giants

34. Frank Catalanotto-Blue Jays
Catalanotto almost became a Ranger in the summer and is a former Ranger. I'm sure Daniels would be happy to bring back a former Ranger familiar with their outfield. Now that all spots are open, he will probably be snagged up right away.

My Guess: Rangers
Actual: Rangers

35. Kenny Lofton-Dodgers
Lofton is now a free agent and should draw minimal interest. With Mathews, Roberts, and Pierre all available ahead of him, he will be a last resort if all else fails. The Pirates, Nationals, Padres, Rangers, Red Sox, and maybe Dodgers have interest in Lofton, since they lost J.D. Drew. I see the Dodgers or Pirates going for him and Dodgers retaining him do to lack of off-season acquisitions.

My Guess: Dodgers
Actual: Rangers

36. Woody Williams-Padres
Williams went 12-5 this year with the Padres. He could return to the Cardinals however I see a team like the Astros trying harder for him. They are going to lose two pitchers and need a proven veteran, who will be cheap, to come in and help lead that rotation. He will not be number one starter, but he would start behind Oswalt.

My Guess: Astros
Actual: Astros

37. Mark DeRosa-Rangers
DeRosa is a versatile player who can play the outfield, 3B, or 1B. A lot of teams will go after him because of that. He played six postitions for the Rangers last year so a team like the Phillies or Cubs could use him a lot. I see the Cubs, who want to come into the season with no players sharing roles, like Cedeno and Theriot at second base, going after him. He is a proven veteran who will be cheap so they can throw more money at Soriano.

My Guess: Cubs
Actual Cubs

38. Trot Nixon-Red Sox
The Red Sox are not going to keep him. His power is failing and all he has going for him is his defense. Right Fielders are low this year and a team looking for some sort of upgrade will go after him. Since Burnitz was released, the Pirates might move to sign him although he will not be much of an upgrade.

My Guess: Pirates

39. Joe Borowski-Marlins
Borowski proved he can still close when he racked up 36 saves. However, he may want more money and the Marlins may not want to give it to him. But, Borowski gained a lot confidence back that was lost in Chicago. I see him taking a hometown discount and pitching in Florida. Although teams like the Giants, Indians, and Dodgers are looking for closers, Borowski, like everyone, wants to play where they are comfortable.

My Guess: Marlins
Actual: Indians

40. Mark Mulder-Cardinals
Mulder struggled this year with injuries and all he could get is something incentive based. The Athletics might go after him and offer him something like that. The Orioles were also mentioned in that mix. I see him staying in St. Louis on an incentive based contract so he can help win the World Series instead of being sidelined with injury.

My Guess: Cardinals