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Bernie Williams Odd Man Out?

With the Yankees looking to have thirteen pitchers in the bullpen, it is possible that Bernie Williams will be the man let go. Melky Carbrera shows the potential to be a great outfielder, and he would be the reserve outfielder behind Matsui, Damon, and Abreu. Williams, 39, batted .281 with 12 HR and 61 RBI. Williams, a Yankee his whole career, may chose to retire instead of play for another team. "If they don't want me back, I'll have to address that situation," he said. "The role that I played last year was pretty interesting. I think I adjusted to it pretty well." However, he was 2-16 in pinch hitting and his defense, arm, and speed has gone down dramatically. The Yankees might be better offer going with the young Cabrera.