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Blue Jays Pressing for Lilly, Meche

Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi said he is willing to give Ted Lilly four years, but he also said he is working hard for Gil Meche. The Cubs and Yankees have both inquired about Ted Lilly, and plan to meet with his agent, Larry O'Brien, at the Winter Meetings. However, Lilly is seeking a similar deal to to what Jarrod Washburn got (4/37). Ricciardi also has met with Gil Meche and they have had a several conversations. The Cubs, Giants, and Yankees all have interest in Meche, who went 11-8 with 4.48 ERA. Meche is atop the Cubs list for pitching but has not met with them yet. Imagine a rotation for the Blue Jays with Meche and Lilly:

P Halladay
P Burnett
P Lilly
P Meche
P Chacin