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Blue Jays to Trade Alex Rios?

Now that Vernon Wells is signed, Alex Rios seems to be the odd man out. He is the most desirable of the three present outfielders on the roster and is the only one that can acquire a proven player. Rios batted .302 with 17 homers and 82 RBI in 128 games last season. He should draw a lot of interest from teams in need of an outfielder and the Blue Jays may be able to acquire a starter. The Dodgers Brad Penny is a possible suitor, but the Dodgers have Pierre, and have him for the next five years. And with the signing of Gonzalez, he will not be an option in left (Either is already slotted for RF). The Cubs are in search of a center fielder, but would only need Rios for one year because of top prospect Felix Pie. But do the Cubs have the proven pitching that would attract the Blue Jays? The Mets, who have an overload of young pitching, would definitely attract the Jays. Pelfrey, Humber, Maine, or Perez might be able to complete a deal. Rios would help balance out the lineup because he is a righty, and he is young. Other teams that might inquire about Rios:


Teams with low budgets may be willing to package two or three prospects for Rios because he is not eligible for free agency for another four years.