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Braves Non Tender Giles

This comes as no surprise that Giles was not tendered after the Braves failed to trade him. He will now become the most sought after second basemen, ahead of Mark Loretta and Ronnie Belliard. In 141 games, Giles batted .262 with 11 HR, 60 RBI, and 10 SB. The Padres, Mets, Red Sox, and Blue Jays have already shown interest. The Padres appear to be the favorite because he would play with his brother; however, Giles struggled against the NL West batting .235. Here are so other stats to take note of:

- batted .255 leading off
- .264 with no outs
- .245 with one out
-.243 with two outs
- batted .304 with RISP

They also non tendered Chris Reitsma. Reitsma went 1-2 with a 8.68 ERA, with 8 SV and 13 K.