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Cubs Chatter

The Cubs are in serious discussions with Ted Lilly and it is possible, assuming he does not accept arbitration, that a deal could be finalized by the end of the week. They are also talking with Jason Schmidt and his agents and both sides appear to be relatively interested. The Cubs and the Rockies are reportedly discussing a trade that would send Jones and a PTBNL for Jason Jennings. Jones would probably then be traded by the Rockies somewhere else. The Cubs have also made an offer to Julio Lugo, who if they can sign, would play center until 2008, when Felix Pie would be ready. Then they would move Alfonso Soriano to either right field or left field. If the Cubs were able to sign Lilly, Schmidt, and Lugo, and then trade Jones there lineup would look something like this:

LF: Alfonso Soriano
CF: Julio Lugo
1B: Derrek Lee
3B: Aramis Ramirez
C: Michael Barrett
2B: Mark DeRosa
RF: Matt Murton
SS: Cesar Izturis

P Carlos Zambrano
P Jason Schmidt
P Ted Lilly
P Jason Jennings
P Rich Hill

However, I see them signing either Schmidt or Lilly and keeping Miller in the rotation. They have about 25-30 million left to spend. But, the Cubs do have the money to sign Schmidt, Lilly, and Lugo. If Lilly and Lugo are both making 9-10 million, they could sign Schmidt for 13-14 million leaving there payroll at 128-129 million.

The Cubs may also look to sign Cliff Floyd to a one year deal with incentives.