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Cubs Offer 4/40 to Lilly

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs have offered Ted Lilly a four year deal, worth 40 million dollars. The Cubs also have had discussions with free-agent right-handers Jason Schmidt and Gil Meche, who reportedly has the Cubs at the top of his wish list. The Cubs also are looking for another outfielder, possibly Julio Lugo. But according to Hendry, Lugo probably is "leaning" to a team that will use him as a shortstop. If the Cubs are unable to sign Lugo, they will settle for Kenny Lofton. They are also reportedly working a deal to sign Cliff Floyd so he can platoon with Matt Murton in left field. Jacque Jones, who formally requested a trade at the end of the season, is drawing little interest. The Giants are interested in Jones, who was unhappy with the treatment from the fans in right field, is set to make 10 million over the next two years. If they sign Lilly, they will probably look to trade for a pitcher, before they sign another pitcher. They have about 25 million dollars left to spend. So signing Lilly and Meche is not out of the question, but Meche, Lilly, Floyd, and Lofton would be a stretch.