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Glavine Chooses Mets

Tom Glavine has signed a one year, 10.5 million dollar deal to stay with the Mets. The only reason anyone suspected the Braves was because of family. But since the Braves did not offer him anything, he accepted the Mets offer. "I wrestled with it," Glavine said. "Everybody who knows me knows how important my family is."His deal calls for a $7.5 million salary next year and contains a $9 million player option for 2008 that would become guaranteed if he pitches 160 innings next season, when he will be 41. The price of the option would increase by $1 million for each additional 10 innings up to a maximum price of $13 million. If the option isn't exercised, he gets a $3 million buyout. Glavine has the right to decline the option if it becomes guaranteed. He also gets a full no-trade clause. Glavine went 15-7 with a 3.82 ERA.