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J.P. Ricciardi is Ready to Buy

The Blue Jays are looking to add two starting pitchers, a utility man, and a pitcher to add to the bullpen. They are hoping to retain Ted Lilly, and then go out and sign Gil Meche. However, Lilly and the Cubs are having serious negotiations and are meeting next week. Meche, who is supposedly drawing interest from a dozen teams is going to command at least 10 million. To fill the void for Justin Speier, they will look to add a solid setup man. As for a utility man, they will look into signing someone more about defense, then offense. Someone who can play both first and third would fit their needs. John Mabry, who can play 1st, 3rd, LF, and RF might fit the description. However, he is old and may not want to move him family up there. He also batted .205 with 5 HR and 25 RBI. He may look to trade Vernon Wells too, but only if his name if brought up. I see them looking to trade Wells at the trade deadline, when a team is looking to make a run at the playoffs.