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What's Next for the Mets?

Now that the Mets have struck out on Barry Zito and Jeff Suppan, they are forced to turn to trading to accomplish their needs. However, the Mets still have interest in free agents Tony Armas and Jeff Weaver. Trading wise, they could package a deal with Lastings Milledge and Aaron Heilman for one of the A's starters, preferably Danny Haren. But the A's seem content with their pitching staff and have no interest in trading it away. They may also look into trading for Rodrigo Lopez, who would benefit from a switch to the NL, especially if he is with a run producing team. Is it Minaya's fault that he did not recognize the way the market was going? No, he was smart not to give Zito "Vernon Wells Money." Even if his pitching staff is lacking a premier pitcher, they are still other pitchers that can fill in towards the back end of the rotation, pitchers that are low in cost, but can definitely help a team make it to the playoffs. The way the market is going, the next 200 million dollar man is Carlos Zambrano, set to be a free agent in 2007.