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Jones to Pittsburgh?

If the Cubs are serious about moving OF Jacque Jones, Pittsburgh is the most likely destination. The Pirates are looking to add a left handed bat and are willing to trade either Chris Duffy or Nate McLouth. The trade would work well for the Pirates because of Jones' familiarity with the NL Central, while the Cubs would get a year, two tops, out of either Duffy or McLouth. Cubs top prospect Felix Pie is expected to take over in center field in 2008, so it is possible that the player the Cubs get would get the full time job in '07, and platoon with Pie in '08.

The Pirates have re-upped their offers to Brian Lawrence and Tomo Ohka, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The Cubs continue to talk with Cliff Floyd and are working to avoid arbitration with Mark Prior and Will Ohman, before starting with Carlos Zambrano. Cubs GM Jim Hendry said he plans to talk with Zambrano's agent before Spring Training.