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Nationals Sign Belliard

The Nationals and Ronnie Belliard have agreed to a minor league (not guaranteed) that will pay him 750,000 dollars if he makes the team. "It gives us protection in the middle, flexibility in the middle, depth." "We feel it gives us protection in the middle of the diamond going into spring training, plus a good right-handed bat off the bench, which is something this club needed," general manager Jim Bowden said. Belliard hit .272 with 13 HR and 67 RBI. This is a great move for the Nationals: Belliard has proven he can consistently hit compiling a .272 career average. He also can hit a significant amount of home runs. He has proven that he can hit a good amount of home runs for his size with 42 home runs and 215 RBI over the past three years. With the Nationals going with Guzman and Lopez up the middle, Belliard provides a lot of depth that in case one gets hurt, or plays poorly, he can step in and do his job effectively.