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Yankees, Mets Setting High Standards for '08

The Mets and Yankees have already begun planning for the 2008 off season and beyond and are setting very high standards for themselves. The Mets reportedly plan to offer Johan Santana, set to become a free agent after the 2008 season, at least 20 million dollars per year. The Cubs continue to work on a deal with Carlos Zambrano, who is reportedly asking for 120-130 million over six years. If the Cubs fail to sign him before the season starts, it is possible that the Cubs will trade him, instead of focusing the whole off season on signing him. However, it is unlikely they would let him get away, especially being his only proven pitcher. The Yankees, meanwhile, have said they plan to make a run for Carlos Zambrano if he hits the market, and will also try to convince Alex Rodriguez, who can void his contract after this season, to stay through 2010. Other notable players that could file for free agency after this season are Jorge Posada, Michael Barrett, Bobby Abreu, Moises Alou, Ichiro Suzuki, Jermaine Dye, John Smoltz, Mark Buerhle, Mariano Rivera, and Kerry Wood.

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