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Braves Reward McCann

After just two years in the big leagues, the Braves decided to lock up catcher Brian McCann to a six year deal, worth 26.8 million dollars. The deal is already looking good, especially because his price will continue to go up even if his power numbers decline. McCann hit .333 with 24 HR and 93 RBI last season for the Braves. "Atlanta is where I want to play. It's where I grew up," McCann said. "Not many people can say that. McCann could potentially be the new face of this team if the Braves decide to let not only Andruw Jones walk, but John Smoltz as well after this year. Another player on the Braves that could be seeking a contract like McCann is Jeff Francoeur, who hit .260 with 29 HR and 103 RBI.