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Cardinals Falling

Now that Spring Training has hit nearly mid season, the Cardinals, already weak in depth, have lost four of their main starters: David Eckstein, Adam Kennedy, Jim Edmonds, and Juan Encarnacion. Eckstein came out of the first game with a strained oblique muscle. Adam Kennedy has yet to play his first game with the Cardinals because of a ribcage strain. And Jim Edmonds and Juan Encarnacion are recovering from surgeries and are taking it slow strides to coming back. However, Kennedy and Eckstein have returned but are still being treated with care while Tony La Russa hopes to have Edmonds and Encarnacion back sometime this week. However, they are expected to spend time on the disabled list. Although it is only Spring Training, you'd hate to see Jim Edmonds trying to find his form in April, especially after not only the Cubs and Astros got better, but the Brewers as well. Although there pitching is not what it was as of last year, they still have great power in Pujols, Rolen, and Duncan, and Chris Carpenter is a very solid, dependable pitcher. Don't count the Cardinals out yet because they still hold great power, decent pitching, and an excellent coaching staff.