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Cleveland Indians Shortstop Jose Reyes?

No, it could have been though. An official involved in discussions that sent Roberto Alomar, Danny Peoples, and Mike Bacsik to the Mets for Earl Snyder, Billy Traber, Matt Lawton, Alex Escobar, and Jerrod Riggan said that the Mets made low-A prospect Jose Reyes available. However, the Indians felt they did not have enough information on him and were content with taking Alex Escobar. All Indians fans can do now is scratch their heads. Why didn't they do it? Many Cubs fans will recall the trade that sent Dontrelle Willis, Jose Cueto, Julian Taveras, and Ryan Jorgensen to the Marlins for Antionio Alfonseca and Matt Clement. Now Alfonseca is fighting for a spot with the Phillies and Matt Clement is recovering from injury. Or when the Astros trade what they thought was a washed up prospect in Curt Schilling to the Phillies for Jason Grimsley. Curt Schilling is still successfully pitching and has a World Series title while Jason Grimsley is the subject of many steroid talks. All you can really say is "if they only knew".