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A-Rod: No One Cares

More news from Yankees camp today saying the Yankees don't plan to offer an extension to Rodriguez, leaving him the option to either opt out, or stick with the Yankees for the next three years. However, it is still Spring Training and we haven't even seen how he will play with the renewed pressure on him in New York. From talking with Yankee correspondents, fans do not seem to care right now what he does. If they trade him, the Yankees will replace him with someone new and get something from the trade that will help them somewhere else. As of right now, we know where everyone stands: A-Rod wants to stay, Brian Cashman wants him to stay, Steinbrenner will take him, but will have no trouble replacing him if he leaves. We've known where everyone stands for over two weeks and there is no reason for it to keep coming up: "He is hungry for media coverage. After the negative coverage he got last year after the season, he continues to say what will stir the pot, which is, as of right now, the opt clause in his contract. And as long as he keeps bringing it up, the continued coverage he will get." said Yankees correspondent Michael Hirsch. "He toys with the Yankee fans which puts even more pressure on himself to do well."