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Woodward to Cubs?

Many reporters around the spring training are coming across this trade tidbit and immediately pushing it aside. However, according to Ken Rosenthal, David O'Brien, and now a third source, who requested to remain anonymous because the trade is still very far away. A Cubs scout has recently scouted Chris Woodward and a couple other middle infielders on the Braves in hopes of swinging a deal for another utility infielder to provide even more depth, especially versus lefties. The scout suggested the reason to acquire this infielder was to provide backup for Ryan Theriot at second base versus lefties, because they plan to play Mark DeRosa in right field versus lefties. The reason being is because Jacque Jones' lack of ability to hit lefty pitchers. Lou Piniella has always had depth on his roster, and is pushing GM Jim Hendry to acquire more. Speaking of Jim Hendry, he plans to meet with Carlos Zambrano's agents either tomorrow or Saturday to discuss a five year deal, probably in the ballpark of 90 million dollars.