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2007 Preview


Red Sox 93-69

Yankees 89-73

Blue Jays 84-78

Orioles 75-87

Devil Rays 64-98

- the Yankees losing Wang and Pettitte still behind schedule doesn't help their cause with their already old rotation and even with Clemens, he didn't even dominate with the Astros last year (wins and losses wise). The Red Sox are fresh with Drew, Lugo, Pedroia, and Matsuzaka which should play in to an already stellar lineup.


Cleveland 90-72

Tigers 88-74

White Sox 86-76

Twins 84-76

Royals 66-96

- the Tigers losing Kenny Rogers doesn't help but they still have a great team. However, it seems Justin Verlander's numbers might go down, if only a little. Furthermore, Travis Hafner will be one of the most, if not the most productive player in the AL, along with improving numbers from Sabathia, Westbrook, and Lee.


Angels 91-71

Athletics 88-74

Rangers 84-78

Mariners 72-90

- the Angels have always been successful and with the A's in Manager change and losing Thomas and Zito, they'll probably fall out of contention, but not without a fight.

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez
- got something to prove to New York and in potential contract year.

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana
- barring injuring, he is dominant almost every start.

AL Rookie of the Year: Delmon Young
- he'll lead that team with surprising power but won't lead the team out of last place.

AL Comeback Player of the Year: Rich Harden
- he is having a great spring and if healthy, could put up Cy Young numbers.

AL Manager of the Year:
Mike Scioscia - with the Angels making a strong push for first, it would be hard not to give it to him.


Mets 90-72

Phillies 87-75

Braves 86-76

Marlins 75-87

Nationals 51-111

- the Mets will undoubtedly take the NL East. Even better power with new addition Moises Alou, the Mets must hope that their bullpen can hold strong. The Phillies didn't look the same in spring but they will still compete during the season. The Braves improved their bullpen and Tim Hudson, now healthy, will return to form like he was with the A's.


Cubs 87-75

Brewers 86-76

Cardinals 85-77

Astros 79-83

Reds 77-85

Pirates 73-89

- this race is still up in the air. Looking at the rotation for the Cubs, Zambrano is going to have a great year. Lilly will probably put up simliar numbers but could improve with his switch to the NL. Marquis is still be haunted by his terrible ERA last year but is in the same division with something to prove. And looking at his numbers for when he switches teams, it always improves. Rich Hill is making a push to have a above average year, proving that he can be a starter. However, the starters must be able to prove that they can go the distance so the bullpen has something to close on. The Cardinals have a good team. But Eckstein and Kennedy won't give the team much power help, and the bottom end of their rotation is so shaky, it is hard to put your money on a team in a great division, with shaky pitching. Although the Brewers look like they are peaking, Hall has to prove he can lead that team with great numbers, even after changing positions, and Sheets can return to form with high K numbers and put up wins every start. Jenkins numbers are still going down too.


Diamondbacks 91-70

Dodgers 83-79

Padres 82-80

Rockies 79-83

Giants 71-91

- the Dodgers added a leadoff man in Pierre, and Gonzalez seems to have at least one more year in him. Although Schmidt is hardly reaching 90 on the radar gun, he is pitching in the same division and has a great defense behind him. Furthermore, with Ethier getting most of the playing time in right field, he should be able to boost his power numbers, same for Russell Martin NL MVP: Albert Pujols
- wants it bad after being "jipped" last year and has the numbers every year to do it.

NL Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano
- Chris Carpenter won't have the run support he had last year, especially with Edmonds and Encarnacion not quite ready for Opening Day. Although Edmonds is not on the roster, he wasn't himself this spring. And the bullpen backing up the shaky Cardinals rotation isn't as strong as last year. Zambrano will either be riding off his five year contact he will get or trying to bulk up his price for the Mets and Dodgers (won't go to AL, wants to hit). Furthermore, the bullpen improved with Cotts and Wood (potentially) and with Lee back, and Soriano leading off, it makes for an absolutely sick lineup.

NL Rookie of the Year: Kevin Kouzmanoff
- showed great power this spring and kept his average up. Don't be surprised to see him leading the Padres in a lot of hitting categories at the end of the season.

NL Comeback Player of the Year: Derrek Lee
- a freak accident pushed him out in 2006 but he was off to a great start. He had an MVP like season in 2005 and with protection at the top of the order, should get a lot of RBI's along with his own production (HR, OBP).

NL Manager of the Year: Bob Melvin
- the young Diamondbacks with help from Randy Johnson will show huge improvement from last year. Although they will fall short, Melvin will show the baseball world he can still manage a ballclub. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

over Cubs
- although the Cubs have a great team, almost better on paper, they will have to prove they can go the distance, after making the playoffs.

Dodgers over
- Dodgers have the experienced players to push them into the Championship series.

Sox over Indians
- the Red Sox are just a better team.

Yankees over Angels
- the Yankees will have the team on paper and will be determined to go far.


Dodgers over
- the Mets are older this year and the Dodgers got younger. Their rotation is strong, but still has something to prove.

Yankees over Red
- the Yankees will take this series because they already hit their bad streak and can't be stopped. Hideki Matsui and Alex Rodriguez will put up impressive power numbers with Cano and Jeter backing them up. Wang, Pettitte, and Rivera will finally close the door.


Dodgers vs. Yankees

- who knows how this will turn out but I won't determine it until I see who gets home field advantage.