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Angels in the Outfiield, Not Infield

The Boston Globe is reporting that if Alex Rodriguez does become a free agent, the Angels will not come calling. He suggests that the Angels are more set on pursuing Andruw Jones. Jones will probably set the market price this off season, whether it will go up, it is almost guaranteed. If Jones has another career year like he did last year and the year before, he could make close to 160 million dollars. Jones will be 30 at seasons end but still could get at least eight years. How about an eight year deal, worth 164 million dollars. Furthermore, the third base market is very weak so many teams will pursue Rodriguez more actively. And, the third basemen set to hit the market this year aren't great. If the Angels can lure Jones to Anaheim, they would probably move Matthews to left. Last year, Jones batted .262 with 41 HR and 129 RBI. Rodriguez, who faced late season criticisms, batted .290 with 35 HR and 121 RBI.