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Did Yankees Get Damaged Goods?

Back in November, when the Yankees traded Gary Sheffield to the Tigers for top prospect Humberto Sanchez, and minor leaguers Kevin Whelan, and Anthony Claggert, they thought they were getting something great from the Tigers in Sanchez. However, Humberto Sanchez just had elbow ligament-replacement surgery and will miss the rest of the season. Yes, Sanchez still has a lot of potential, but what if he comes back and is not the same, or can't reach the same velocity as he had 2006. Will the Yankees file a claim against the Tigers? I doubt that will be the case but with the Yankees stocked up on veteran pitchers in their last year of their contracts (Mussina, Pettitte, Wang*, and Rivera), they will need to either spend a boatload of money to refuel thier rotation, or look to these young players. They do have Igawa, Henn, Chase, and will have rights to Wang because of ML service, but would not look to those rookies to full in those big shoes just after one season, would they? So far this season, Kevin Whelan is 1-0 with 2 SV, and 10 K over eight innings of work in Double-A Trenton. And Anthony Claggert, who has pitched in 7.1 innings, is 0-0 with 1 SV and 5 K in Single A Tampa.