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Have a Blog, Want to be an Insider?

I have created a group of people that have websites or blogs like me, that are hoping to get extra attention for their site. On the right side of the blog, There is a group of MLB Rumors Insiders that will get their links separated from the bigger group, get posts referring to their site, and a free gift from MLB Rumors for joining. If you are interested in becoming an MLB Insider, email me at

- Way to get people to your site from a bigger site.
- Constant coverage.
- More credit as a blogger or designer from readers around the word.

- If you sign up, must keep blog up and running (won't end membership, but won't get coverage if you don't update it)

- In order to become a member, you must mail $3 dollars/month to be a member.

Special Offers
- If you email me and sign up before May 1st, your one year membership becomes $1.00 a month for the first year and $2.00 a month for life.

2 Month Membership: $1.00 Dollar
6 Month Membership: $1.50 Dollars
1 Year membership: $3 Dollars