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Interview With Rangers Reliever C.J. Wilson

Rangers reliever C.J. Wilson was nice enough to answer some of my questions for MLB Rumors through email. Wilson is a young hard throwing left hander in the Rangers bullpen entering his third season with the Rangers. He also has his own blog called Scorpion Tales: C.J. Wilson's trek through the '07 season.

ELI: What is Sosa like in the clubhouse? How has he been embraced?

C.J: He's great and everybody is happy to have such a legend on the team.

ELI: Why not use the blue glove?

CJ: When the blue glove was broken in, I used it every time.

ELI: What are the biggest differences in starting and relief? Which do you prefer?

CJ: If I could pick to start in the national league, I would do that, otherwise I would prefer to close.

ELI: How's Ron Washington?

CJ: Ron is awesome, he's realistic and positive.

ELI: You say you like Texas? Do you hope to pitch there for years to come?

CJ: Dallas is a great city, I am not a free agent so they're gonna have my rights for a long time it seems.

ELI: When did you start pitching? Have you always been a pitcher?

CJ: I was primarily an outfielder until I signed with the rangers in the 2001 june draft.

ELI: What would you say to kids who hope to become professional ball players?

CJ: I would say if you can continue to get better and stay healthy, it's possible. work harder than everyone else around you, and you'll give yourself a good chance.

ELI: Did you come up through the minors with any of the young guys on the team?

CJ: I played with feldman, tex, laird, and most of the guys that have been up and down like botts, rupe, tejeda, etc. We've had a lot of fun over the last few years. I also played against blalock, laird and botts in high school and junior college or in youth leagues during the summer.

ELI: Is there anyone on the team that has been like a mentor to you? Who?

CJ: In 2005, sandy alomar jr and doug brocail were great to me, last year I learned a lot watching and talking to Aki Otsuka.