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NL Game of the Day: Padres vs. Giants

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1. CF Dave Roberts
2. SS Omar Vizquel
3. LF Barry Bonds (.423 last season with runners in scoring position)
4. 2B Ray Durham
5. 1B Rich Aurilia (hit .291 with 10 homers on the road)
6. 3B Pedro Feliz
7. C Bengie Molina
8. RF Randy Winn
9. P Barry Zito

1. 2B Marcus Giles
2. RF Brian Giles (.274 vs. Giants last season)
3. 1B Adrian Gonzalez
4. C Josh Bard
5. CF Mike Cameron
6. SS Khalil Greene
7. 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
8. LF Terrmel Sledge
9. SP Jake Peavy

Predicted Score: Giants over Padres 6-2
Actual Score: Padres over Giants 7-0