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Prior To Undergo Exploratory Surgery

The Cubs announced today that Mark Prior will undergo surgery Tuesday in hopes that it will find what is really wrong with Mark Prior's shoulder. "Hopefully, [Dr. James Andrews] can go in there and find something that isn't major and hopefully help Mark's career get back on track," Hendry said. Prior's last outing was cut short by discomfort in his shoulder, and he is now on the disabled list in Iowa. Andrews has the clearance to fix anything that may need repair, but that is not what the surgery is for. It is still unclear whether or not Prior will pitch this season...same with Kerry Wood.

The Cubs placed veteran Wade Miller on the Disabled List today after three failed starts; however, they are calling it minor back spasms. They have called up Rocky Cherry. There is still no word whether or not Felix Pie will stay with the Cubs or if he will go back to Triple-A. The fifth starter has yet to be announced.