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Respect Earned?

In the first fourteen games of the season, Alex Rodriguez has homered ten times, leading the league by three homeruns. A-Rod, who has a seventeen game hitting streak, also leads the MLB in RBIs with 26. His second walk off homerun this season, and all he can say is: "I'm just trying to keep it simple...I've been telling you [reporters] for seven or eight weeks, since down in Tampa, I'm feeling pretty good." Joe Torre has been very impressed, and isn't doubting Rodriguez to potentially put together one of the best seasons in baseball history. "It's what Alex is capable of," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "You talk about the sky is the limit -- he's just got incredible ability. He's basically letting it speak for itself." When talking with one Yankee fan, and I asked if respect whas been earned [for A-Rod], all he could say is "for now."