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Rodriguez: "It's from the rosin bag"

An allegation started when Internet photos showing a white substance under the bill of Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez's cap and the pitcher repeatedly touching his hat. Rodriguez quickly responded to the allegations in a chat with reporters yesterday. "It's from the rosin bag," Rodriguez said, showing reporters his cap before Thursday's game. "If that's illegal, why is there a rosin bag on the mound? You can come check me any time you want. I have nothing to hide." Mike Scioscia also talked about and came to the defense of his closer. "It's stupid — it's rosin," Scioscia said. "You touch the rosin bag and adjust the brim of your cap, chances are you're going to get a white buildup there. That's what it is." To his defense, Rodriguez does often grab the rosin bag between pitches or batters. Furthermore, many pitchers adjust their uniforms during the game and some every other pitch. Rodriguez was 2-3 last year with a 1.73 ERA and 47 SV. His breakout year came in 2005 when he had 45 SV with an 2.67 ERA.