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Wearing 42 Shows Respect

While the 60th anniversary approaches for Jackie Robinson's major league debut, comments are being made about the growing number of players wearing number 42 is disrespectful. However, I and other players think it is a good thing and it is honoring his historic achievement and courage. Torii Hunter has become frustrated thinking players are just wearing it because they think it is cool. Although I disagree with him and think that the more players that wear it, show the impact he made on the game, and how America embraced the idea of blacks and whites playing on the same field. But obviously Hunter feels different. "This is supposed to be an honor," Hunter told USA Today, "and just a handful of guys wearing the number. Now you've got entire teams doing it. I think we're killing the meaning. "It should be special wearing Jackie's number, not just because it looks cool," Hunter told the newspaper. However, Hunter brought up Larry Doby and why he is not honored for breaking the color barrier in the American league. I think Doby should be honored as well but he did not make the same impact as Jackie Robinson did on the game, and certainly didn't put up the same numbers. But what he went deserves mentioning. Here is the complete list of players planning to wear Jackie Robinson's number on Sunday:

: Gary Matthews Jr.
Astros: All players
Athletics: Milton Bradley
Blue Jays: Vernon Wells, Frank Thomas, Royce Clayton and hitting coach Mickey Brantley
Braves: Andruw Jones
Brewers: All players
Cardinals: All players
Cubs: Derrek Lee, Cliff Floyd, Jacque Jones and Daryle Ward
Devil Rays: Carl Crawford
Diamondbacks: Orlando Hudson, Tony Clark, Chris Young, Scott Hairston and first base coach Lee Tinsley
Dodgers: All players
Giants: Barry Bonds
Indians: Josh Barfield, Grady Sizemore and C.C. Sabathia
Mariners: Arthur Rhodes
Marlins: Dontrelle Willis
Mets: Manager Willie Randolph
Nationals: Dmitri Young
Orioles: Corey Patterson
Padres: Mike Cameron
Phillies: All players
Pirates: All players
Rangers: Manager Ron Washington
Red Sox: Coco Crisp, David Ortiz, third base coach DeMarlo Hale
Reds: Ken Griffey Jr.
Rockies: LaTroy Hawkins
Royals: Reggie Sanders, Emil Brown
Tigers: Gary Sheffield, Curtis Granderson, Marcus Thames, Craig Monroe and hitting coach Lloyd McClendon
Twins: Torii Hunter, Rondell White and first base coach Jerry White
White Sox: Jermaine Dye, first-base coach Harold Baines and third-base coach Razor Shines
Yankees: Mariano Rivera (uniform No. 42 grandfathered in 1997), Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter and manager Joe Torre