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Yankees May Be in More Trouble

Mike Mussina left the game in the third inning today for what is being called a strained hamstring. Mussina, 38, was shaky in his first start and having this problem can't be any help. With Igawa starting Friday, he must prove that he can pitch before the Yankees might come calling on phenom Phil Hughes. Wang and Karstens are out, leaving Rasner in the rotation, but he was anything but sharp in his last performance which makes many wonder, when will they toss the money at Clemens? At least their offense is hanging in there, except Matsui is on the DL. Hopefully they can get through April, get Wang back to form and get back on track. Many people are saying it's still early and you have nothing to worry about; however, when you are a game out in August or September you'll look back at these games and say "man, we should have won that one."