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Astros Strike First, But Can't Contain Giants

After Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta's extra base hits, the Astros took a modest lead over rookie Tim Lincecum and the Giants 2-0. But after a Ray Durham's sacrifice fly in the fourth and a three run sixth inning, the Giants took a 4-2 lead and left the game in the hands of Lincecum. Although Oswalt pitched a good game, going seven innings and striking out four, Lincecum was pitching like he was in Triple-A again, pitching eight strong innings, giving up just five hits, two earned runs, and striking out four. The Giants push above .500 and are now 23-22 and are currently enjoying a three game winning streak. Tim Lincecum threw 104 pitches, 71 for strikes and had 10 more ground outs then fly outs, a good sign coming from a rookie. Struggling pitcher Barry Zito will close the series against Matt Albers tomorrow night.