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Cubs Bullpen Can't Hold Lead, Percival Coming?

Ted Lilly struggled through five innings against the Dodgers giving up five earned runs. The bullpen looked strong through two innings with Carlos Marmol and Mike Wuertz giving up just one hit. Then the Cubs came roaring back and scored seven runs to give them a 8-5 lead. So they called upon the most consistent pitcher in the Cubs bullpen last season, Bob Howry, but has struggled so far this season. Howry gave up three hits, three earned runs, to bring the Dodger back in without recording an out. The Cubs then called upon Will Ohman, who gave up one hit, one earned run to put the Dodgers ahead of the Cubs and give them a leagues worst 2-11 record in one run games. You would think the Cubs would look into signing Troy Percival, who has vowed to make a successful comeback, but is already drawing serious interest from the Phillies and the Tigers. If the Cubs were to sign him, he would easily fit into this depleted bullpen and could even be used as the closer if Ryan Dempster is moved into the rotation. And if he is successful, they could even trade Dempster, who is drawing interest from the Yankees. He last pitched in 2005 with the Tigers, going 1-3 with 8 SV in 26 games. He has 324 career saves with a 3.11 ERA.