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Giambi Out For Three Weeks

Jason Giambi will be out for three weeks do to a torn tissue in the arc of his foot. This is probably the best time for the Yankees to lose Giambi, because they are going to play National League teams on the road in the next week or so. Hopefully it doesn't effect the outcome too much. The Yankees expect him back by or a week into July. The Yankees will either call-up Andy Phillips or Eric Duncan to replace him on the roster. This would be a good time to showcase their prospects to struggling teams. The Yankees need relief help, so sending a solid relief pitcher over to the Yankees for one of these guys should benefit you in a year or so. Despite reports that he used steroids, Giambi is batting .262 with 7 HR and 23 RBI.

Damon on the move: According to sources in the Front Office, the Yankees are looking to trade Johnny Damon, and will shop him to one of the teams he put on his partial no trade clause. Damon hand picked tweleve teams that he would be willing to go to at the beginning of this season. A team that is looking to unload an outfielder and maybe a reliever or two should fit the Yankees needs.