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Griffey Jr. to Boston?

The Reds have been struggling a lot this year, compiling an 18-30 record. Their hitting isn't coming around, pitching is pitching like everyone had hoped and this is turning out to be just another year for them. Ken Griffey Jr., 38, has been the subject of many trades this off season, and will be one of the biggest names traded at the trade deadline. The Red Sox just brought in J.D. Drew, who is batting .237 with 2 HR, and have Coco Crisp, who is batting .240 with 1 HR, but neither have helped the team so far this season. What looks to be shaping up is Coco Crisp, who hasn't been all effective in his tenure with the team, will be shopped around for pitching, while the Red Sox will offer a couple prospects, probably pitchers to the Reds for Griffey Jr. and possibly cash. What I see is the Red Sox offering something like Michael Bowden and Kris Johnson to the Reds for Griffey Jr. and cash. But, more will be determined when we see where both teams are in July, and when the Red Sox gauge the competition of the AL East. I think this would be a great move for the Red Sox. They will bring in a veteran who would help when they reach the playoffs, and not only that, but he still has talent to make them the best team in the American League. The Reds would be smart to dig into another teams farm system. It would give them a strong pitcher or two in the future and the way prices are rising in the free agent market, it would be a cheap addition with a long term reward.

Could it be?