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Langerhans On The Move Again

Just days after being traded from Oakland, the Oakland A's traded Ryan Langerhans to the Nationals for outfielder Chris Snelling. This season, Snelling is batting .204 with 1 HR and 7 RBI while Langerhans is batting .065 with 0 HR and 1 RBI. He had two at bats with Oakland, going hit less. Langerhans will take over in left field and the Nationals hope that he can turn his rough start around. Snelling might take Langerhans' spot in the A's outfield while Kielty and Kotsay are out, but will probably settle for a bench spot when they return. Snelling played with the Mariners since 2002, and this is his first year with the Nationals. Going back to the AL West could benefit himself and the A's, who are hoping to find anything that could help them to their slow start around.