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Lastings Milledge To Be Traded?

Since top prospect Lastings Milledge has been called up, there has been controversy surrounding him the whole time. First, he was giving out high fives to fans after he got a big hit, no big deal, but not proper conduct. Now, "L-Millz" appears in a raunchy rap song called "Bend Ya Knees" by Manny D has "lyrics ripe with vulgarity, demeaning references to women, explicit sexual content and multiple uses of the n-word." Omar Minaya was upset with the song, and said that the Mets were looking into it. Lastings Milledge is 0-3 on the year, but a team like the Atheltics would be interested in trading for him. Other teams that would be interested would probably be the Braves, who might lose Andruw Jones at the end of the year, The White Sox, who have Jermaine Dye's contract hanging over them, and the Padres, who have Mike Cameron up in the air on his contract. Although Milledge hasn't proved he will be a star, a change from the Big Apple would probably do him well, and he could grow off that change. Right now he is batting .333 with Triple-A with one homerun, five RBIs and SBs.