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Rookie Shines For Blue Jays

Rookie pitcher Jesse Litsch pitched an incredible game in his major league debut, pitching 8.2 innings, giving up four hits, one earned run, and one strike out. Helping Litsch get his first win was Alex Rios, who hit his eighth home run and Troy Glaus who had an RBI single with two outs. Litsh, the former Devil Rays bat boy for two full seasons, credits his improving fastball as the main reason he is back in the majors today. "This year I've been throwing them a lot more," Litsch said. "[LaRoche] put me to a challenge to throw it 15-20 times a game and it's worked out for the best." The Blue Jays look to sweep the Orioles with A.J. Burnett taking the hill. But they will have to beat Brian Burres, who is 1-1 with a 3.68 ERA.