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Yankees Want Teixeira, Not Helton

When Internet rumors spread about the Yankees working a trade for Todd Helton, both sides were quick to downplay that. The Yankees were not interested because they need to get younger to keep up with the rest of their division, and why would they put Todd Helton, 33, at first base when they could put a younger and better first baseman in Mark Teixeira for young pitching, which they have a lot of. Not only is Teixeira 27, but he has the potential to hit 30+ home runs for the next 6-7 years. The only thing holding any team back is that he is a free agent in 2008 represented by Scott Boras, so knowing Boras' style, the team that trades for him will only have him for a season and a half. That is also raising the asking price of the Rangers, who are desperate to get a lot in return after trading away two future All-Stars in Adrain Gonzalez and Chris Young. The Rangers would be smart to hold on to Teixeira til the winter, and trade him when desperate teams come calling after failing to sign a premiere free agent; then he can bulk up the asking price. Or he could do what Billy Beane did with Barry Zito and hope the Rangers can turn it around in 2008. Then, he can wait for the right offer to come at the deadline, or make a run at the playoffs with Teixeira leading the way. And if they fail to make the playoffs or they win the World Series, the Rangers still get two first round draft picks. This season, Teixeira is batting .308 with 8 HR and 29 RBIs. The Yankees first basemen are batting a combined .251 with 6 HR and 22 RBIs.