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Bonds only 5 away from Aaron

Barry Bonds was at it again, belting number 750 of his career in the 8th inning against the Diamondbacks on Friday night, sending the ball some 380 feet to deep right field. More and more teams are walking Bonds, though, rather than having to face him and risk being another victim of his home-run prowess. He has been walked 79 times this year, and that number figures to keep going up as he inches closer to the historic milestone ahead of him. Bonds is only on pace to hit 35 homeruns this year, well behind his averages of the last five years, but this can be attributed to a lack of protection in his lineup as well as more days off to rest his aching body. As much as Bonds is scrutinized for his actions off the field, we cannot argue that he is a hell of a player on it.