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Breaking News: Piniella Suspended Indefinitely

After Lou Piniella erupted on a close call at third, many were quick to say why he erupted. Most said that the pot has finally spilled in Chicago and he just couldn't keep his anger in any more. Some say it was to take focus away from the fight. My take on it is a little bit of both. I think Piniella erupted to light a fire under the Cubs and because he needed to vent a little bit too. But this doesn't help anyone now. Sweet Lou is out indefinitely leaving managing up to the "nicest guy in baseball," according to Michael Barrett. This will be a test for Alan Trammell, the new bench coach for the Cubs because if he can turn things around, it wouldn't surprise me if the Cubs cut their loses with Piniella after this season and go with someone who understands the Cubs frustration better, and hold onto Trammell. Again Piniella was out of line for his tirade, and it didn't help his argument for a one game suspension when he said he wasn't afraid of anything and then denying he made contact with the umpire. I will say it again, the Cubs thought they bought a Lou Piniella ten years ago, a creative and aggressive offensive guru, someone who would shake things up and finally win. But after taking a year off and expecting that the Cubs' 100 million dollar payroll would just walk all over the NL Central, he seems lost. Even players have said that Piniella's swagger is not helping the team. Right now, the Cubs have lost six straight and are 7.5 games out of first.

Ward Lands On DL: With Daryle Ward going on the DL with a left hip strain, the Cubs have recalled Felix Pie for his second stint this season. Felix batted .224 with 1 HR and 4 RBI in 18 games with the Cubs.