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Breakout Player Spotlight: Brian Bannister

Brian Bannister has come up quietly with the Royals this season and is just dominating opponents. He was with the Mets last season and went 2-1 with a 4.26 ERA and is just twenty six. Bannister has got a solid fastball with good elevation, and can keeps his change up moving around the bottom of the strike zone. His curve is a great pitch that surprises hitters but he is more of a contact pitcher. He is prone to get ground balls, which plays in his favor when he lets guys on. He can dominate opponents with good offensive numbers while his team does not have great numbers just shows how good he is. Their rotation is getting better, and will get better over the next couple season. Gathright, Pena, Butler, and Gordon will fortify this lineup while trading DeJesus will get a solid prospect or two. Bannister will be behind Meche in a pretty good rotation which will hurt teams gunning for a division spot towards the end of the season.