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Buehrle to Mets?

Buehrle got off to a great start with the White Sox, contributing the first no hitter of the season. But a lot of no decisions have pushed his record to even with a good AL ERA of 3.69. The Mets have excellent pitching, and a pretty good bullpen but would love to bolster their pitching to really run away with the NL East. If they could solidify their pitching, all they'd really waiting on is Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran heating up. Although nothing is really brewing as of yet, the White Sox have informed the Mets that they think they cannot sign him and want to trade him soon. The Mets have also inquired about Astros closer Brad Lidge, who they are looking to shop. The Mets are trying to add another power arm, especially in that setup role where Heilman and Mota have thrived off only one pitch. The Mets certainly have the system to acquire both, but would need to give more than that to acquire both.