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Buehrle Will Trigger Fire Sale

The White Sox will definitely be having a fire sale this trade deadline, and Mark Buehrle will start it off. But Buehrle will not be the only one traded. Kenny Williams knows that this is a lost season, and plans to start fresh next season. So not only will he trade Buehrle, but he will unload Garland and Contreras. By trading them, he will be able to bring in a boat load of prospects, and let an old White Sox era wash out. Then following the season they will look to hire the "Big Three" of available managers in Joe Torre, Joe Girardi, and Don Mattingly and let these young prospects ease their way into the majors. This season, the White Sox are 29-41 and their three big pitchers have combined to go 13-16. In the White Sox case, all they can hope is that this can turn positive for them like it has for the Brewers and Mets.