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Cardinals Sign Percival

The Cardinals are closing in on a one year deal with closer Troy Percival. Percival through in the low nineties during one of his workouts, and Cardinals scouts weren't worried about any potential injuries. "He's always been a high-adrenaline closer," the second scout said. "For him to be able to go out there in front of a handful of scouts and hit 90 a handful of times, you've got to think that if he's staring at a major-league hitter with 50,000 people watching, he'll add two miles per hour to his fastball." What the Cardinals really liked was his curveball was really working for him and how he worked it into his repertoire. It will be determined if he needs a minor league tuneup after he signs, but nothing has been said just yet.

Phillies Sign Mesa: Jose Mesa has signed with the Philles. He was their closer in 2001-2003, and has 320 career saves, with 107 wins.